Sober living

Demi Lovato Confirms Cool for the Summer About Sexual Relationship With a Famous Woman, Reveals Status of Her Sobriety Demi Lovato, Howard Stern, Jutes, Music, Slideshow Just Jared: Celebrity News and Gossip Entertainment

Content Read More Articles You go through all that quitting and getting sober. And it ain’t all that??!! Some people sober up, but they’re still jerks. ‘Drew Barrymore Show’ Audience Members Say They Were Kicked Out for Writers Guild Support Amid Picket The concept that ‘being sober sucks‘, is a…
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The Addiction of Narcissism

Excessive drinking or drug use can cause a narcissist to spiral into destructive behavior, thus attracting attention and care from others. Drugs and alcohol can make them feel better about themselves or more control their perceived negative attributes by lifting their untreated depression and anxiety. If alcohol use is stopped,…
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Alcohol, Blood Sugars and Hypoglycemia: What You Should Know

Acute alcohol intoxication also produces whole-body insulin resistance in rats [12,116] and the alcohol effect appears to be dose-dependent [117,118,119]. As the alcohol-induced impairment was recapitulated by t-butanol (a non-metabolizable alcohol) and not antagonized by 4-methylpyrazole, the insulin resistance was likely mediated by alcohol and not one of its oxidative…
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