How do I apply for an ITIN? Internal Revenue Service

Many applicants are trying to get into the Federal Student Aid (FSA) Office web site to complete the FAFSA, the Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The FAFSA is required to qualify for federal financial aid and by most higher education institutions for their own aid processes. Unfortunately, the rollout has been a little rocky, with repeating loading screens, “Please Wait” pages, errors in submission, and other issues.

  • You’re eligible for an SSN if you’re a U.S. citizen or if you’ve been admitted by the United States for permanent residence or U.S. employment.
  • The other big mistake is when people forget to sign the ITIN application and it has to come back just for the signature.
  • They will now send you an official IRS ITIN Letter in the mail to you or both you and your agent if you are using one.
  • Additionally, all documents must be current; no expired documents are accepted.
  • Getting an EIN (Employer Identification Number) is not difficult. does not review the information submitted on your EIN application. We are not a law firm or a substitute for an attorney or law firm. We cannot provide any kind of advice, explanation, opinion or recommendation about legal issues, and our communications are not protected by the attorney-client privilege or as work product.

Where to apply?

It is possible to apply for ITIN number regardless of immigration status because both residents and non-resident aliens may have a U.S. filing or tax reporting requirements. We facilitate the ITIN application process by filing the necessary documents and can authenticate your identity to forward the completed forms to the IRS to receive your ITIN quickly. Visiting a designated IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center is one way to submit your application. Make sure you have your tax return and identification documents with you to avoid having to come back. Certain offices can verify passports and national identification cards and return them immediately.

  • If your ITIN is only used on information returns filed with the IRS by third parties, you don’t have to renew your ITIN even if the ITIN has expired for purposes of filing a U.S. federal tax return.
  • Applicants may apply for ITINs online, through IRS-authorized agents, or in person.
  • Residents, including undocumented immigrants, and foreign nationals who have tax reporting requirements under U.S. law.
  • However, if you are applying for an ITIN for the first time, you will need to submit your application with a tax return.
  • Absolutely, you can initiate the ITIN application process from anywhere in the world.

After submitting your ITIN application, you should receive your approval letter and a letter containing your ITIN in the mail. If you do not receive your ITIN letter, you will need to reach out to the IRS perpetual inventory system vs periodic inventory system to find out why. A certified document is one that the original issuing agency provides and certifies as an exact copy of the original document and contains an official stamped seal from the Agency.

How long does it take to renew an ITIN?

The CAA will return the documentation immediately after reviewing its authenticity. If the SSA determines that you’re not eligible for an SSN, you must get a letter of denial and attach it to your Form W-7. This applies whether you’re attaching Form W-7 to your U.S. federal tax return or not. However, students, professors, and researchers, see information for box f, later. Remember, you’ll also have to attach a valid federal income tax return to your application to demonstrate to the IRS your tax-related reason for requesting an ITIN.

How to Apply for ITIN Number

If you were issued more than one IRSN, attach a separate sheet listing all the IRSNs you received. Enter the country or countries (in the case of dual citizenship) in which you’re a citizen. You can submit copies of original documents if you do any of the following. These documents will be considered current only if their expiration date hasn’t passed prior to the date the Form W-7 is submitted. The following individuals are eligible to complete Form W-7.

More In File

IRS Certified Acceptance Agents, or CAAs, are entities (individuals, businesses, or organizations) authorized by the IRS to assist individuals in obtaining ITINs. They can review your identification documents and forward them to the IRS, providing a certificate of accuracy so you don’t have to send original documentation to the IRS. Using a CAA can make the application process quicker and more secure. The IRS requires certain documentation to verify your identity and foreign status.

Which ITIN’s Will Expire?

If you apply for an ITIN under this category, remember to attach a copy of your visa to your Form W-7 and include a date of entry into the United States on line 6d. Spouses of U.S. military personnel can submit original documents, certified copies, or notarized copies of identification documents. Dependents can be claimed as personal exemptions only for tax years prior to 2018. However, the credit for other dependents (ODC) for your child and other qualifying relatives (excluding your spouse) who live in the United States may be available. To get a list of agents, visit and enter “acceptance agent program” in the search box. An AA will need to submit original documentation or certified copies of the documentation from the issuing agency to the IRS for all applicants.

We respectfully and kindly REQUIRE all clients to be patient during this process. We will be sure to forward your ITIN to you as soon as we receive it. You can fill out the necessary paperwork online but then you must print it and submit it via one of the two options above. Find out what adjustments and deductions are available and whether you qualify. If you receive an IRS notice related to the ITIN application, CAAs can contact the IRS on your behalf.

If an applicant cannot provide a tax return, then if they qualify for one of the five ITIN Exception Categories, they can use the supporting documentation from the category they qualify for instead of a tax return. You need an ITIN to file your taxes and open a U.S. bank account when you don’t have a Social Security Number (SSN). GovPlus® is a private online software technology company not affiliated nor endorsed by any Government or State agency.

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