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How to Get a Six-Figure Job as an AI Prompt Engineer

what is an ai engineer

Although it is an advanced software development job role, working as an AI engineer gives you a creative outlet while putting your analytics skills to the test. If that sounds interesting, check out software developer on the CompTIA Career Roadmap to see the early stages of your path towards becoming an AI engineer. If you like combining creativity and analytics to produce things like algorithms, then AI engineer could be your next move. However, as AI becomes more and more widespread in business, the role of AI engineer is likely to become standardised. Best practices will be established, StackOverflow will fill itself with solutions to AI problems, communities of AI engineers will form. More and more university courses as well as Data Science bootcamps are integrating AI into their curricula, meaning future professionals won’t have to learn by themselves.

  • An AI Engineer also needs to understand both traditional (waterfall) and agile approach in software development life cycle, including continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous deployment (CI/CD).
  • This creates more work for the AI engineers, who then have to massage the data in order to get it compatible with a machine learning model.
  • Their responsibilities range from data gathering and preprocessing to model deployment and monitoring.
  • It may sound exaggerated, but our daily lives are intricately connected to powders in various ways from foods, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics to batteries, ceramics, etc.

It is software and a small set of high-school-level math ideas put together that can shine in lots of tasks but firstly you will need to have those tasks digitized. In the projects that I collaborate on, around 70% of the time is spent gathering and organizing data before even beginning to solve the actual problem at hand. The fluctuations are, as in every role, related to the educational degree, the industry, the company, but also the location. Taking courses in digital transformation, disruptive technology, leadership and innovation, high-impact solutions, and cultural awareness can help you further your career as an AI engineer. AI engineers have a key role in industries since they have valuable data that can guide companies to success. The finance industry uses AI to detect fraud and the healthcare industry uses AI for drug discovery.

Is Artificial Intelligence Engineer a remote-friendly role? Is it ok for freelancers?

But the audience for the work she does is smaller than what it likely would be were she working at an industry level. Don’t be discouraged if you apply for dozens of jobs and don’t hear back—data science, in general, is such an in-demand (and lucrative) career field that companies can receive hundreds of applications for one job. Since every model DataRobot builds is production-ready, AI engineers can quickly add machine learning capabilities to existing systems like ERPs, CRMs, RDBMSs, and more.

In a few years time, Artificial Intelligence will have the potential to change how we build software. From there, start going deeper into the concepts that you don’t understand. Around 70% of the time is spent gathering and organizing data before even beginning to solve the actual problem at hand.

Problem Solving, Communication and Critical Thinking Skills

Automated document reviewer Klarity is offering as much as $230,000 for a machine learning engineer who can “prompt and understand how to produce the best output” from AI tools. The role of an AI engineer is pivotal in bridging the gap between data science research and real-world applications. By understanding both the technical and practical aspects, AI engineers can contribute to building robust, scalable, and impactful AI systems. The OpenAI API allows engineers to access pre-trained models like GPT-3 for various natural language processing tasks.

what is an ai engineer

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